Running Again.

There’s a treadmill in my bedroom.

It’s been there since… ummm… I moved back upstairs and the room that is now my bedroom was my craft/workout room.

Since I moved into the room and called it my (and my fiance’s) bedroom… It hasn’t been used.

You see… there’s a bed in my bedroom. And a man is usually in that bed either early morning or the end of the day. And quite frankly… I’d rather be in the bed with the man than running on the treadmill.

Also, he works odd shifts – tomorrow for instance – he’s not working until 1pm.  Which means it wouldn’t be nice of me to get up at 5.30am and start running on the treadmill.

So the treadmill slowly started becoming a clothes hanger.

But tonight… tonight I did something I haven’t done in a long time.

I ran on my treadmill.

I left the man watching… actually I don’t know what he was watching… and I went in the bedroom, put the clothes away that were on the bed, moved the stuff off the treadmill, set up my computer to watch “Once Upon a Time” and put on my running shoes… and I ran.

Started the C25K program again from day 1.  After all – I haven’t run in… ummm… a year? Maybe less.  I’m not sure if I’ve run this year or not. So theoretically – I should struggle HARD during the 1st day of C25K.

And I didn’t.

I ran.  And the 1 minute run seemed too short. I upped my speed each minute run.

The 90 second walk seemed too long. I upped my speed for my recovery time.

I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would. I ran. I sweated. I struggled to breathe (must remember the puffer next run). And I enjoyed it.

Aside from the pain in my foot, that is.

But I enjoyed it. I liked the run. I liked pushing myself. I liked that I could run 5mph and not be sucking wind.

Next run?  I’ll start at 4.5mph and push it to 5.5mph.

Because I can. Because I can push myself and do better and go harder and go faster.

I promised myself at the beginning of derby in September that I would push myself just a bit more each practice. That I would not give up when I wanted to. That I would push harder.  Give 1% more.

Tonight – I gave 1% more.

Exercise Underutilized

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When you’re too exhausted to even write a whole post.  So you just… don’t.

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Getting Back Into Derby…

Really this is about getting back to fitness.  I’ve had a LOT of changes in my life in the past 4 months or so. And because of those changes, life has gotten in the way of exercise.  And as a result, I’m having to reboot.

So tonight, I lay on the couch, snuggling a very sexxy chef…and the urge to get back there and be accountable was somewhat overwhelming.

I wanted to skip derby tonight.  But I wanted to go more than I wanted to skip.

I want to be fit, healthy, and comfortable in my skin.  I am not fit nor comfortable in my skin.  Healthy is uncertain. I think I am, but probably not as healthy as I want to be.

I got to practice, skipped my favourite part of the warm up, and we got skating.

I had some issues with my foot – this is nothing new – I think I’ll just have to learn to live with the pain, or find a better insert or new skates or something.

But I practiced.

And I had a freaking blast.

I have a goal for the remainder of October.  My goal is to lose 10lbs.

My secondary goal is to hit 30 laps in the gym.  Tonight, I hit 28.  With a cramp in my leg (WTF IS UP WITH THAT?!?!?!).  The cramp that plagued me while trying to benchmark.  The cramp that is the bane of my derby existence.

But I will hit 30 laps by Nov 1.  And lose 10lbs.

I’m done with feeling like crap.  I have something exciting happening in the future and I want to be able to feel and look my best.  And next derby season?  I’m jamming.  Fuck this “I’m not a blocker” crap.

I’m a jammer.  And I’m going to jam at least half the games.


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About A Blocker…

Holy crap it’s been a month since my last post… So much has happened.

Played in a bout in Williams Lake a few weeks ago.  It was coached by Foxy  McMuff, who then came up and did a guest coaching session with us.

It was awesome.

One of the take-aways from her coaching was that as a team, we need to tighten up our blocking. That while the jammer does what she does, it’s the blockers who will win the game.  They hold the other jammer to make sure that ours can get through and gain points.

So fast forward to this weekend where we headed to Terrace to play against Kamloops and a mashup team.

The games were fun. But the best part of the weekend?

Sunday morning scrimmage. Co-ed scrimmaging.  With men.

Men play hard.  They play fast.  And some of the men playing were Team Canada caliber. They were GOOD.  They were AMAZING.  They bounced around and on their toe stops and hit hard and skated fast and…

And I was playing with them.

One of them, a Vancouver Murder player, was on the opposing team.  Mr. Testosterone.

Mr T
(not a Vancouver Murder shot, but gives you a good idea of his skill – he does this frequently)

Most of my teammates are in awe of him.  We watch him bounce around on the track in skates, on his toe stops, spinning around, and basically making it look easy to juke in and out.

It’s kinda hard to stop him from getting past us.  He can counter just about anything we do with spins and footwork so fast we can’t react as fast as we’d like.

So… I can’t say I’m not a jammer anymore. I jammed 5 or 6 times during the scrimmage. I tried to make sure I had a strong pivot to pass the panty to if I got recycled and too tired.

We got to the last jam. Me vs Mr. Testosterone.

The whistle is blown.

Mr. Testosterone is held momentarily.

I get past my blockers.  Look at the opposing team.  There’s this… lane open.  I jump through it, and skate past and even the opposing blocker who chases me doesn’t catch me.

Holy Fuck. What just happened?  Seriously what happened?

I got through the pack. First.  I GOT LEAD.  AGAINST MR. TESTOSTERONE!!

Yeah.  I’m stoked.  I skate hard around the track.  Watching my team.  Watching my blockers HOLD HIM until close to the 2nd corner.  I zip up to the pack, take a step past 2 blockers and call it.  Screaming to my jam ref “I’M CALLING IT!”

It’s nice, as a jammer, to get multitudes of points.

It’s strategic, however, to prevent the other team from scoring.

I managed to score a point.  Against Mr. T.  And keep him from scoring any.

I couldn’t have done it WITHOUT the amazing blocking by my team.  They fricken ROCKED it.

He is an amazing skater. I am not. I have seen the videos of myself. I don’t look graceful on my skates.

So I am in SHOCK over what I managed to accomplish.

And I have decided – I’m not going to say “I’m not a jammer anymore”

Because I am. I did. And while I may not have always been successful in what I wanted to do, I was successful in a number of ways that I was proud of today.

The thing is, I’m only what I think I am.

If I think I am a fat, ungraceful, slow skater… I am.

If I think I can do it, I can.

Today, I did it.  Several times. I did it despite my feelings that I wasn’t “good enough” to play in today’s scrimmage.  I did it despite being in awe of the level of derby I was playing with.  I did it when the pack sped up beyond my skating ability… and I fricken KEPT UP.

I did it even though I thought I couldn’t.  I just did it.

Which means I can. I can do it, I just have to get out there and do it.

There are things I want to improve at, as a blocker and a jammer.  One will be to learn the blocking/skating technique that Walker? Ash?  Showed me that I couldn’t wrap my head around. And for jamming, to learn to remember to get low and hit them hard.

I can do it.  I may not be at the level I want to be at, but I can get there.

I get in my own way, frequently. I talk myself out of things that in the end would have been amazing.  I almost talked myself out of scrimmaging today – I’m super freaking excited that I didn’t.


This was a while ago… but this… this makes me so incredibly proud of myself.  That I do it, that I push myself while doing it.

And on the flip side of things… I jammed 5 or 6 times. I have NEVER in the past been able to push myself that much, and block after.  I used to say, “I’ll jam, but then I need to sit for 2 or 3 jams, or put me as last in the half.” Today, I took the panty. I jammed.  I sat a jam, and I got out there and blocked. I was DOING it!

This from the girl who, 5 years ago, couldn’t skate 5 minutes straight.

I amaze myself with what I can accomplish.

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The Bangover

The bangover struggle is real.




And especially the spot on my chest where I got hit.

I may have to spend today in the bathtub.  Or go to the local pool and hang out in the hot tub.  Although I don’t know that I’m flexible enough to put on my bathing suit :p

Derby was awesome last night🙂

I’m going to see if I can do yoga and work out some of the stiffness.


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The Wheel and the Lace (and copious amounts of glitter)

Picture this.

You’re on the track.  You’ve found your target to interfere with so that your jammer can get through.  You’re doing an ok job of staying on that target. You’re at least making it difficult for her to just ignore you.

Your wheels bump.  You pull away.  And realize you’re tangled in her wheels.

You shake your foot a bit.

You shake it again.

The wheels won’t come unstuck!

She falls – you feel bad because you’re having such difficulty getting your wheels away from hers.   You figure, in that split second, that now that she’s fallen, your wheels will unstick and you can skate away, unscathed.

No such luck.

You fall.

You are both laying down, having fallen ungracefully, having landed relatively hard, and you both look at your feet, which, for whatever reason, feel like they’re STILL stuck together.

You look at her bright green lace… wrapped around your wheel.

Yes, I’ll say that again.  Her lace, from her skate, was wrapped in your wheel.

You both laugh, and she pulls the lace away.  You both get up laughing about it, asking if the other is ok, and skate away.

The jam is called off.

Seriously.  Her lace was caught in your wheel.  WTF?

I can’t even explain that one.

Tonight was beyond fun.  We were outmatched.  But we held our own several times.  We pushed hard and worked together and practiced strategies and just had fun.

And we made sure there were  copious amounts of glitter all over us, and all the other players.

Best part of my night?  Jamming… getting freaking LEAD.  Against PRINCE GEORGE!  OMG fun.

2nd best?  Coming together as a team and working together to form awesome lines and generally just improve our skills and get better at what we love doing.

So much fun.

Did I mention, anywhere in this blog… how much I love derby?

Team Pics

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Thank you…

Lockdown and Faye Tality and Yardsale and Firecrackher… thank you.

Y’all were the ones I spent the most time with on Saturday night working with you and practicing my skills and getting better at what I love.

Y’all were the ones I watched and learned from the most.

I took those plays you taught, the things you showed us, the way you worked with us, and I had quite possibly one of the best practices I’ve had in a long time.

I hate toe stops… and I brought back the toe stop run and toe stop shuffle back to practice tonight because I want to get better at it.

I was doing a toe stop drill once and I don’t know exactly how it happened but I ended up falling backwards, hitting my head and getting a concussion.  So toe stops scare me.

But I was watching on Saturday, you see.  I was watching everyone bounce around on toe stops and then there was me… panicking because I had to force myself to get up on my toe stops.

But I’m competitive so fuck that.  I’m doing it.  And I brought it back to practice to add to the drills because I want to work on it.  Along with the little side shuffle thing that requires me to use edges.

Last September, I was the queen of sticky skating.  I was the queen of keeping my feet firmly planted on the floor.  I could track cut and weave in and out of pace lines without EVER lifting my feet.

I was scared.

And watching everyone in Terrace… the competitive streak came out.  The little voice in my head that says “fuck that” (along with Lockdown and Yardy telling me to lift my feet) and at practice tonight I practiced differently. Tonight… I bounced a bit.  I jumped a bit.  I ran on my toe stops (eventually I’ll be able to run on them without having to skate right?) I shuffled on my toe stops.

And I ignored the fear, and listened to the voices that told me to just fucking do it.

So thank you… for inspiring me this weekend.  It’s carried over into the week.  Apparently I’m still riding on the derby high from the weekend.

On a side note?  Derby basketball is fun.  And funny. And awesome.

This is how we ended practice tonight:

Derby BasketballDerby Basketball2

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