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A Funny Thing Happened…

I got out of bed with my alarm (almost – I hit the snooze a couple times). I got up, I put on workout clothes. I went into my workout room. I set up my music on my computer. I … Continue reading

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Be the Person You Want to Date

Yeah I get this is my fitness blog – that it doesn’t have anything to do with *dating* per se…. but you see, the person I want to date is not me. I want to date someone who is active. … Continue reading

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Pop Goes My Boobs

I love my roller derby off skates warm up.  It’s intense enough to be considered a full workout in a previous life. Actually – if I did it 3 times as a circuit, it probably would be a good workout. … Continue reading

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Perfectionism Can Suck It

I struggle with perfectionism. I have a bad case of “if I can’t do it right, I don’t want to do it” and that leads me to not doing a lot of things. Including working out, eating healthy and a … Continue reading

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Yoga & Me

I love yoga. I love how my body responds to it. I love how I feel after. I love how there’s always a modification for any pose. I love how bendy and stretchy and relaxed my body is after yoga. … Continue reading

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Start of Day

In every (what I call) reputable weight loss/get fit/get healthy program I’ve seen/heard about/read about, there is one consistency:  Eat Breakfast. In 1FW the recommendation is eat breakfast (including a protein) and drink at least one glass of water within … Continue reading

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I’m the Girl Who Failed P.E….

…. TWICE Grade 8 PE. Two times I failed. Yeah – that was me – the girl who was too fat to run, too out of shape to participate, too cool to bring gym strip. And so I failed grade … Continue reading

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