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I haven’t seen that number in… I don’t know how long. To be fair… I weighed myself at the end of the day, on the first day of my period. To be fair… the number won’t change that much tomorrow … Continue reading

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Quit and DO What?

Here I am in Edmonton.  I don’t know anyone really except my children.  My son is in a shared situation and my daughter has a small 2 bedroom space that she shares with a friend. After 3 days here, I … Continue reading

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I Made Excuses, I Have Regrets

One Fit Widow has put on this challenge – No Excuses, No Regrets.  My excuse is lack of time.  I was determined to kick it.  And then… I didn’t.  And then… I had less time.  And I’m exhausted.  And I’m … Continue reading

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Detox from Sugar – Redux

I’d like to post some cute little saying or link to a song like Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again”  but the reality is… I’m a freaking addict. Sugar is my drug. I use it in the same way … Continue reading

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Roller Derby Weekend Away

I’m sofa king excited. I’m not playing this weekend but I’m coming to sell merch and cheer on the team, afterparty and see someone I haven’t seen in forever. But I get to go. I’m so excited. Tonight’s practice I … Continue reading

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Day 2 of 5

Something’s changed. I’m not sure what has changed, exactly, but something has. It’s like a tiny little shift in my brain has gone from “Meh… I can do it later” to “Do it now… it’s good for you and you … Continue reading

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Perfectionism Can Suck It

I struggle with perfectionism. I have a bad case of “if I can’t do it right, I don’t want to do it” and that leads me to not doing a lot of things. Including working out, eating healthy and a … Continue reading

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