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WTF Happend?

It’s derby season again. I’m stronger. I’m more stable.  I’m slightly more agile. I’m better at the beginning of this year than I was at the end of last year. Also, I never ever see myself from a profile. So … Continue reading

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Cooking Salad….

I remember a few years ago, making my breakfast and a kid asked me… “why are you cooking a salad?” My response was that it was for my eggs. But I’ve realized, as I’m getting myself back to where I … Continue reading

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Derby … 2017

Back to derby. At the end of last season, I was hit with vertigo, as well as doing clinical.  It kept me out of derby for the last 2? 3? weeks of practice. So last night was my first derby … Continue reading

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Changes In Thinking

There’s this thread in the back of my thought processes that tells me… “This is temporary, once you lose the weight – you’ll be able to go back to eating whatever you want” That’s seriously fucked up. Seriously. Do you … Continue reading

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