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WTF Happend?

It’s derby season again. I’m stronger. I’m more stable.  I’m slightly more agile. I’m better at the beginning of this year than I was at the end of last year. Also, I never ever see myself from a profile. So … Continue reading

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I Lost My Mind

According to Albert Einstein, the definition of insanity is “Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results” Yeah.  I’ve been insane lately. I’ve reverted back to eating habits that brought me to 270lbs. I’ve reverted to exercise … Continue reading

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Detox from Sugar – Redux

I’d like to post some cute little saying or link to a song like Britney Spears’ “Oops I Did It Again”  but the reality is… I’m a freaking addict. Sugar is my drug. I use it in the same way … Continue reading

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Feelings of Inferiority

I play in an athletic sport. I have athletic friends. I struggle with certain aspects of my chosen sport. One of the biggest things I struggle with is my size, my weight, my jugga-butt. It’s hard – when you’re bigger … Continue reading

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Epic Practice

There were 4 of us at practice tonight. None of us in a fantastic mood…  none of us wanted to be there… all of us willing to bail on practice. Our coach said “Let’s do warm up and then if … Continue reading

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Talking About Depression

Trying to talk about depression is frustrating. ESPECIALLY when you’re trying to talk to someone who’s never experienced it.  Who manages to pull themselves out of a funk and carry on. At first, I’d try to explain that it’s not … Continue reading

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Depression Lies

Depression tells me many lies. Some days – I believe it.  Some days – I’m able to shove it aside as the liar it is and continue on with my day. Depression tells me: I’m not good enough. I don’t … Continue reading

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