Running Again.

There’s a treadmill in my bedroom.

It’s been there since… ummm… I moved back upstairs and the room that is now my bedroom was my craft/workout room.

Since I moved into the room and called it my (and my fiance’s) bedroom… It hasn’t been used.

You see… there’s a bed in my bedroom. And a man is usually in that bed either early morning or the end of the day. And quite frankly… I’d rather be in the bed with the man than running on the treadmill.

Also, he works odd shifts – tomorrow for instance – he’s not working until 1pm.  Which means it wouldn’t be nice of me to get up at 5.30am and start running on the treadmill.

So the treadmill slowly started becoming a clothes hanger.

But tonight… tonight I did something I haven’t done in a long time.

I ran on my treadmill.

I left the man watching… actually I don’t know what he was watching… and I went in the bedroom, put the clothes away that were on the bed, moved the stuff off the treadmill, set up my computer to watch “Once Upon a Time” and put on my running shoes… and I ran.

Started the C25K program again from day 1.  After all – I haven’t run in… ummm… a year? Maybe less.  I’m not sure if I’ve run this year or not. So theoretically – I should struggle HARD during the 1st day of C25K.

And I didn’t.

I ran.  And the 1 minute run seemed too short. I upped my speed each minute run.

The 90 second walk seemed too long. I upped my speed for my recovery time.

I didn’t struggle as much as I thought I would. I ran. I sweated. I struggled to breathe (must remember the puffer next run). And I enjoyed it.

Aside from the pain in my foot, that is.

But I enjoyed it. I liked the run. I liked pushing myself. I liked that I could run 5mph and not be sucking wind.

Next run?  I’ll start at 4.5mph and push it to 5.5mph.

Because I can. Because I can push myself and do better and go harder and go faster.

I promised myself at the beginning of derby in September that I would push myself just a bit more each practice. That I would not give up when I wanted to. That I would push harder.  Give 1% more.

Tonight – I gave 1% more.

Exercise Underutilized

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