The Wheel and the Lace (and copious amounts of glitter)

Picture this.

You’re on the track.  You’ve found your target to interfere with so that your jammer can get through.  You’re doing an ok job of staying on that target. You’re at least making it difficult for her to just ignore you.

Your wheels bump.  You pull away.  And realize you’re tangled in her wheels.

You shake your foot a bit.

You shake it again.

The wheels won’t come unstuck!

She falls – you feel bad because you’re having such difficulty getting your wheels away from hers.   You figure, in that split second, that now that she’s fallen, your wheels will unstick and you can skate away, unscathed.

No such luck.

You fall.

You are both laying down, having fallen ungracefully, having landed relatively hard, and you both look at your feet, which, for whatever reason, feel like they’re STILL stuck together.

You look at her bright green lace… wrapped around your wheel.

Yes, I’ll say that again.  Her lace, from her skate, was wrapped in your wheel.

You both laugh, and she pulls the lace away.  You both get up laughing about it, asking if the other is ok, and skate away.

The jam is called off.

Seriously.  Her lace was caught in your wheel.  WTF?

I can’t even explain that one.

Tonight was beyond fun.  We were outmatched.  But we held our own several times.  We pushed hard and worked together and practiced strategies and just had fun.

And we made sure there were  copious amounts of glitter all over us, and all the other players.

Best part of my night?  Jamming… getting freaking LEAD.  Against PRINCE GEORGE!  OMG fun.

2nd best?  Coming together as a team and working together to form awesome lines and generally just improve our skills and get better at what we love doing.

So much fun.

Did I mention, anywhere in this blog… how much I love derby?

Team Pics


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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