Thank you…

Lockdown and Faye Tality and Yardsale and Firecrackher… thank you.

Y’all were the ones I spent the most time with on Saturday night working with you and practicing my skills and getting better at what I love.

Y’all were the ones I watched and learned from the most.

I took those plays you taught, the things you showed us, the way you worked with us, and I had quite possibly one of the best practices I’ve had in a long time.

I hate toe stops… and I brought back the toe stop run and toe stop shuffle back to practice tonight because I want to get better at it.

I was doing a toe stop drill once and I don’t know exactly how it happened but I ended up falling backwards, hitting my head and getting a concussion.  So toe stops scare me.

But I was watching on Saturday, you see.  I was watching everyone bounce around on toe stops and then there was me… panicking because I had to force myself to get up on my toe stops.

But I’m competitive so fuck that.  I’m doing it.  And I brought it back to practice to add to the drills because I want to work on it.  Along with the little side shuffle thing that requires me to use edges.

Last September, I was the queen of sticky skating.  I was the queen of keeping my feet firmly planted on the floor.  I could track cut and weave in and out of pace lines without EVER lifting my feet.

I was scared.

And watching everyone in Terrace… the competitive streak came out.  The little voice in my head that says “fuck that” (along with Lockdown and Yardy telling me to lift my feet) and at practice tonight I practiced differently. Tonight… I bounced a bit.  I jumped a bit.  I ran on my toe stops (eventually I’ll be able to run on them without having to skate right?) I shuffled on my toe stops.

And I ignored the fear, and listened to the voices that told me to just fucking do it.

So thank you… for inspiring me this weekend.  It’s carried over into the week.  Apparently I’m still riding on the derby high from the weekend.

On a side note?  Derby basketball is fun.  And funny. And awesome.

This is how we ended practice tonight:

Derby BasketballDerby Basketball2


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