It’s Not A Priority

Ask someone who hasn’t been exercising why.

“I haven’t had time”
“I’ve been busy”
“I’ve been meaning to”
“I’ll start tomorrow”

The truth of the matter is… it’s not a priority in their life.

I had a conversation recently about things and what I do in my life and what I don’t and how much time I spend on various activites.

The conversation involved saying to ourselves “It’s not a priority”

Because here’s the thing:  We have the time.  It’s just not a priority in our lives.

There’s enough time in the day.

I have 5 scrabble games on the go on Facebook.  I play mindless “Price is Right” slots on Facebook.

I’m up to date on all my TV shows.  I’ve read a book recently.

I have the time.

So why don’t we exercise? It’s not a priority.

That extra 45 minutes of sleep is a priority.  The homework that needs to be done is a priority.

And tonight, I tried to say to myself before derby… “It’s not a priority.”

The problem with that?  It felt shitty.  Because it IS a priority.  Derby IS important to me.  And missing derby makes me feel bad.  But when I DO bail on derby, I have a whole lotta excuses.  “I’m tired.” “I’ve got homework” “I need time with my kids” and I have no problem with bailing after giving myself excuses.

I can get away with excuses.   But if I put it into perspective.. “It’s not a priority” the truth is… I got up and went.  Because it is a priority.

The things that are important to me feel bad when I say they’re not a priority.

The things that are truly not a priority I’m ok with letting slide.

It is such a freeing statement.

And tomorrow, when my alarm goes off, I’ll get up and go work out, because it IS a priority.  Regardless of how tired I am, the priority is to get fit and healthy.  Sleep? I can go to bed earlier.  Because I’m making it a priority.

UncomfortableIf it's Important To You


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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