It’s a Derby Kinda Day

Played derby today.  First time I’ve played as a benchmarked skater in a year or so.

It was a scrimmage in a neighbouring town. There were about 14 of us skaters.  That means that each team had about 7 players on.  So sitting out more than one or two jams was not super possible.

Did I mention that it’s the first time I’ve played for a year or so?

My calves cramped up. Charlie Horse’d (is that a term?)

I was forced to sit out more than my share and I felt like CRAP about it.  ESPECIALLY when one of our team fouled out (too many penalties) and we were down to 6.

There’s 5 on the track at any one time.

I was struggling physically and we were down one skater.

I started struggling with the fact that I WAS sitting out more than my share – but the reality is that if I HADN’T sat out, I would have been a liability on the track and put others at risk for injury.

But I played. And I scrimmaged.  And I learned something new today.

See, I struggle with catching back up with my teammates to the front of the pack – and I’m usually the goat (the other team surrounds me and leaves me kinda useless to stopping their jammer.)

Our bench coach told me that if I end up the goat – I should go after the incoming jammer.

I did.  And it WORKED.  Fucking A!  I had fun with that.  I tried one more and know that my shoulder check was more of a fore-arms check but it wasn’t caught by anyone but me and the opposing player, but still… new skill, new strategy and I succeeded at it.

I love derby.  Even when my body doesn’t.  But I love that I get to play and push myself and see how I do in a scrimmage.

I don’t do too badly.  I don’t know that I’m ready for the upcoming tournament… but I’m looking forward to it.  It’s going to kick. my. ass.

And I’m going to love every minute of it.

Jane Bouting

This is still one of my favourite derby pictures of me. 🙂


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