Doing what I can


I’m missing out on roller derby practices.

I’m missing out on roller derby bouts.

I’m struggling to walk many days.

Overall – it’s pissing me off-fa-fa… (bonus marks if you know where that’s from)

Result? A 5 minute walk can wipe me out for 2 hours. I am barely making it through 3/4 of my day before I need to sleep.

For those of you on my friends list… you KNOW that I have influenza and how not being able to exercise is affecting me. A couple days ago, there was a particularly whiny post about feeling fat and gross.

Yesterday, I decided fuck this. A program I used to belong to, = finally loving yourself!!) talks about 2 things that have stuck with me. 1. You can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes. 2. You’re not behind, just jump in where you are, ok?

So I decided… challenge. Just with myself. Just to do *anything* for 15 minutes. I don’t have energy for Keith‘s workouts. I look at them and go …. “NOPE” because my lungs just will not. I dont’ have energy for roller derby practice. But I can do ANYTHING for 15 minutes. So I’ve decided, for ME, that for the next month as my health improves to do these two challenges. I am doing the 30 day squat in conjunction with the squat/burpee because my legs are strong and I want them stronger.

I’m doing something. I’m not giving up. If you’re struggling with any part of the program due to never exercising before, due to health, due to time constraints… get moving until your body WILL do the workouts you want to. Or add these because your workouts aren’t hard enough (LMFAO)

But don’t give up because it seems life is conspiring against you. You can do this.

Burpee and Squat Challenge February Plank Challenge Squat Challenge


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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One Response to Doing what I can

  1. pmccormack67 says:

    I am right there with you girl!!! I have been following flylady and also trying to do 15 minutes, and struggling to not give up!!! I hope you feel better soon!

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