I learned two very important lessons from tonight’s bout.

1.  If I don’t go to practice – it doesn’t matter that I passed the fit test, I will not be as on my game as I would have been.
2. Just because I managed to dig deep enough to pass the fit test doesn’t mean I actually AM fit enough to play.

I kept up.  I had fun.  I fell on my ass.  I was sent to the penalty box 2X. I fell behind. I got hit.  I got hit again.  I got hit again.  I DIDN’T get hit because someone thought I was “too intimidating” I got hit again, this time between TWO opposing players.  I had a panick attack and almost burst into tears when a team member got hurt enough to be taken away by ambulance.  I saw her at the afterparty and wanted to cry again. I went to the after party and connected with someone I have a lot in common with.  My body hurts.  I stink like derby.

I get to do it again in three weeks.

I’ll be at every practice I can.   I have a friend coming through town on a couple derby nights – but I think I’ll be ok trying to figure out how to do derby and still see him.

But I need that practice WITH the team – and need to keep my head focussed and in the game.

I can’t wait to do it again in three weeks.

2014-05-31 Moshin MommaI really need to get an updated derby photo of me 😛  Although the one below is still my fave:

Jane Bouting




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