100% Compliance

I had to stop and think about what 100% compliance means to me.

Does it mean logging everything?

Does it mean exercising several times a week?

In the end, I decided it means doing what’s BEST for me.

It’s not restriction.

It’s not deprivation.

It’s CHOOSING to be healthy. It’s CHOOSING life. It’s CHOOSING fitness.

Compliance is something that is forced on me.  I comply with someone else’s directives.  Or I suffer the consequences.

Put in that light – I don’t want 100% compliance.

What I want is 100% choice.

I chose to join One Fit Widow.

I chose to follow the program set out for me.

I choose to follow it as closely as possible – to 100% if I can.

It’s not just about the weight loss – it’s about feeling good about myself, feeling healthy, and knowing that I can keep up with the 5 boys in my life (and grandson in Feb!!!)

I choose.



And having said all of that – I will win the damn challenge because I rock this program that freaking hard!!!


About sunnyjane

On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness (sunnyjane.wordpress.com) and the other is about my path through widowhood (widowspath.wordpress.com) Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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