Since I last wrote seriously about the roller derby skills test, the test has been updated.  Upgraded.  Made more…

Things like 27 laps in 5 minutes instead of 25 in 5 minutes.

Single knee taps instead of single knee falls.

And transitions.  Skating backwards.

Put me backwards and I can skate… sort of.

But transitioning from front to back?  And then back to front?

I’m getting better.  I can transition front to back turning right.  I can transition back to front either way.  I can do those three relatively comfortably while in motion (not fast motion yet, but motion none-the-less)

Front to back, turning left.   That is my nemesis.  I hadn’t yet figured out the footwork.   I’m not comfortable with hopping turns, or stepping turns, so I need one foot on the ground during the transition.  (As a side note – I do want to get to the hopping and stepping turns – I think they’re a fun skill to learn)

I couldn’t figure out which foot or wheel to keep touching to make it work.

I figured it out tonight. I made it work. I went around the track and flipped myself backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards and backwards and forwards….

I love how my body is responding.  I love how my skills are improving.  I love love love that we get to skate with the benchmarked skaters and push ourselves harder.

(For those in the derbyverse, we’re not doing any contact – this is all technical drills and endurance)

I love love love how I feel when I’m skating.

Tonight was about pushing ourselves and skating hard and practising drills that Eight Mean Wheeler taught us.  Tonight was about getting better as skaters.   Tonight was freaking AWESOME.

I don’t think there’s ever been a passion of mine that I’ve loved this much.   I understand people who get obsessed with doing EVERYTHING pertaining to their hobby – I could so see myself doing that with roller derby.

Derby rocks my world on so many levels.  Including backwards and forwards 😀

Derby Skate - Nicholas Charest


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