She’s Got Legs…

Reblogging this for my new season in derby. Plus how cool is it that I’m getting pinned on Pintrest??? *woot*

Walking a Different Path

One thing I’ve noticed about roller derby is that it is a sport that puts a lot of demands on the core and lower body.

I’ve always had strong legs.   When doing the seated leg press – I can press my body weight.  (258.5lbs! WOOT!)  But that requires a different sort of muscle than roller derby.  It requires short bursts of strength rather than sustained endurance.

The two things that I’m struggling with in passing my skills test (aside from the cursed 25 in 5) are agility and derby stance.

Agility requires me to hop and jump and generally be light on your feet.  It requires explosive bursts of energy and strength.

The funny thing about hops and jumps – is that in scrimmage and drills – I will jump over anything that gets in my way without much difficulty.  I don’t think about it – I just do…

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