Tonight’s Benchmark

Roller derby is a sport where you can continually get better.  You just keep going, you push harder, and you get better.

I have been on skates 3 times since January.  Once on my own with a friend.  Once at a “try it” night.  And the last time at the first fresh meat practice.

There wasn’t a *lot* of endurance skating at that practice.

Tonight, we did a benchmark 5 minute skate.   How many laps can we do in 5 minutes?

I believe, if memory serves me, that at the testing back in January, I did 22 or 23.

Tonight… I did 23.   23 fucking laps.  After being on skates only 3 times.

I’m so excited.   I can only get better.   I WILL hit the 27 in 5 (or better!) by testing.

I WILL be on the team.  I WILL bout next season.  I WILL.

I am sofa king excited.  I feel strong.  I feel confident.  I feel empowered.

It’s been a long time since I felt this way.   I. feel. amazing.

I Will Be Fierce


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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