Did You Exercise Mom?

This was the question posed to me by my 12 year old last night.

A note to followers of both my blogs – I will be copy/pasting this directly into the other blog – it fits in both.

So back to the question.

My children, for a long time, have been aware of my weight loss efforts.  My children have been aware of how being overweight has affected my ability and desire to do anything active.

Its basic.   When I exercise, I have more energy.  When I have more energy, I want to do more.  When I do more, I get fitter.  When I get fitter, I want to exercise more.  And when I exercise, I have more energy.  Round and round and round I go.

I took one of those links out of the circle a few weeks back when I stopped skating with the team and decided to focus on my boys.

An interesting, if predictable thing happened.

I stopped skating 2X a week, and suddenly I didn’t have as much energy.   I then got sick and my running was cut out as well.   And then I had *no* energy.

So my days have been spent reading, crafting, doing quiet stuff with the boys, and cleaning the house.

And my energy has been dropping.

On Sunday, I made my kids clean up the family room.  The rule was that I needed to be able to access my exercise equipment because I wanted to get up at 5.30am and exercise.  Every. Day.

Last night, two days after the clean up, my 12 year old asks:  “Did you exercise yet Mom?”

So I asked him why he cared if I exercised.   He mumbled something about me and making them clean the room, blah blah blah… and I looked at him and said “Are you concerned about my health?”

Yep.  That’s it.  My boys are concerned that I won’t live a long healthy life.  They want me around.  They don’t want to be orphans.   This is bothering them enough that they ask me if I’ve exercised and have I been eating healty.

I wonder how many things have changed in their psyche’s.   How the fears of their Mom dying like their Dad did will affect their lives.

I have the opportunity right now to change how my children see me.   I have the opportunity every day to make better choices.   I can do my best to be around for a long long time. 

But did I exercise today?  No.  Today I got up and cleaned my kitchen. Last night I folded laundry.  Tonight, I’ll do a 15 min run on my treadmill before craft night.

I’d like to answer every day with “Yes, I did exercise today.”

Working OUt vs Sleeping In


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