My First Bootcamp

Note: I’m writing this quickly because as noted in yesterday’s blog – I hit my head pretty hard and my computer time is limited – this isn’t even a doctor ordered issue – I notice if I spend too much time on here my head starts to hurt, dammit.

SO my first bootcamp experience… I don’t know what I expected but that was NOT IT.   It was both harder and easier than I expected.

We got there early – we wanted to make sure we had time to go to Michaels and time to get lost and time to eat if we wanted to.   The end result was a noon arrival time but not able to go in until 12.45 to register.  This was ok – it gave me time to swap out my outdoor wheels for indoor wheels.   Also to get changed out of my jeans into some booty shorts and tights.

First class was backwards skating.  I learned so much with the backwards skating.   I remember looking at the schedule sent out the day before and thinking “OMG HOW AM I GOING TO SKATE BACKWARDS FOR 45 MINUTES!!!”  only to discover at the end that I was thinking… “What??? it’s over already??”   Luludemon44 started off the class by saying no one gets hurt in her class.  She has a clean record and it will stay that way (this is important for later).   At the end, I’ve got a much better grasp on how to skate backwards.

Second class was stride and technique.   I wish, I wish that my summer had been different – (ok I really wish that no matter what but still) – because the few tweaks I learned will help me get that 25 in 5.  I’m *this* close.   I said to Stan Daside after (like at the end of the bootcamp)  “If you’d have had one of these in July… oh wait, nope, I was not functional then”  but still – if I had had those tweaks – I’m sure I could have passed in August.  There was lots of instruction on how to use edges and how to control yourself using edges.  It was a lot of fun.

3rd class.   Deeks and spins.  OMG I love deeks.  I loved learning the stop we were learning.  It’s fun. It’s awesome.  And I managed to deek around Stan.  (Ok, he probably wasn’t REALLY trying to stop me, but that’s irrelevant LOL)  I didn’t feel like a total clutz on wheels.  I almost felt like I was somewhat agile.   I was looking forward to the agility class at the end.   Then Stan says “hey lets do spins!!”  and shows us why spins are so awesome to do.

Spins.  Spins.  Lots of spins.  Here’s how you do them.   Use your outside edges.  Widen then narrow.  Use your body to help pull yourself around.

Ok.  You read my blog from yesterday.  (If you didn’t – go read it LOL)  Major thing?? Stay low and fall forward.  The funny part about falling and hitting my head is that my first thought was “Thank gawd this wasn’t Lulu’s class and I wasn’t the one to break her record”  Seecond thought was “OMG that hurts”

I missed most of the pack work class in the joys of being assessed and taking some time to shake the fog from my head.

I did, however, get to watch the agility class.   I have a space under my  back deck where I’m going to practice.  I couldn’t do any of it while I was there (apparently if you hit your head hard enough to make the other end of the room stop and see who fell, you don’t get to skate anymore LOL) but I did watch and I did take note of things I want to practice.

The scrimmage was awesome.  It was amazing to watch.   I had so much fun cheering on my teammates and watching other players bounce around on their skates.

Next time – I won’t get hurt.  Next time – I’ll participate in the entire camp.

But as Stan said – if you’re not falling – you’re not coming out of your comfort zone.   I’d just like to not fall so hard next time :p

I fucking love roller derby.


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