November Goals

One of the blogs I follow “She’s Losing It!” had a post this morning about setting goals for November.

I’m embarrassed to admit I rarely read other people’s blogs about goals.  Not because I don’t care… but because it would force me to look at my goals… which are *not* set on paper, and do *not* have a measure of how I’m doing and that I, for the most part, have *not* been serious about.

So this time, for whatever reason, I actually read.   And realized – with her blog prompts (not that I’m going to use them all) I can keep track and keep ON track of my goals.   I just need to set 3 of them.   And then write about them.

My November Goals:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast every day.   As I write this, I’m eating for the first time today… at noon.  I’m up between 6 and 7am every day.  Waiting until noon to eat is NOT healthy and will work against me losing weight and getting healthy.   And by healthy, I mean… eggs… oatmeal… yogurt and cottage cheese… Not bagels & cream cheese, not donuts, not leftover Halloween candy.

2. Lose 10 lbs.   I have been hovering around the same 2-4 lbs for months and months and months.  My most recent weight was 260 (yeah – that’s up from the recorded weight I did a few posts ago – must have something to do with the candy I’ve eaten :p)   By December 1, I’d like to weigh 249.5lbs.  Or less.  But I’ll be happy with that.

3. Pass the skillz test I’m going to take on November 10th.  This goal may be revised if it turns out that I can’t test, but if I can – I’m doing it.  With that in mind – I’m going to spend 3 days a week doing yoga, every single day either walking/running or on my eliptical (dog would probably prefer a walk but have you SEEN how much it rains in Squamish?? I don’t own rain gear)  And skating every opportunity I can.   Do a HIIT workout every day.   In 10 days, that should put me over the edge to pass that damned 25 in 5.

Below are the November blog prompts, if you’re into blogging and would like to follow along.           Or just want to know what I might blog about for the next month – like I said – I may not use them all – our Thanksgiving was in October.   But it gives me some ideas.


  1. What are your goals for November?
  2. Give 5 strategies you are using to keep the holiday pounds off.
  3. What would you tell a friend who wanted to quit?
  4. Please share your favorite clean eating breakfast recipe.
  5. Give 3 tips to improve your workout.
  6. How do you overcome setbacks?
  7. Fitness pet peeves?
  8. Do you prefer exercising alone or in a class?
  9. Your favorite football/fall sports story?
  10. Do you have a fitness mentor or hero?  What have you learned from him/her?
  11. Today is Veteran’s Day.  (Thanks troops!!)  Do you have a solider story to tell?
  12. What songs do you listen to when you workout?
  13. Give your favorite Fall Harvest recipe – think apples/pumpkins/sweet potatoes.
  14. How do you maintain self discipline?
  15. Today is the Great American Smoke Out.  What are some bad habits you got rid of or are working towards fixing?
  16. What are some unexpected benefits of a healthy lifestyle you discovered?
  17. Which music style/band/song motivates you the most?
  18. How do you reward yourself when you achieve a fitness goal?
  19. There’s an app for that…What’s your favorite fitness technology?
  20. Your most awkward fitness etiquette moment?
  21. Pilgrims left their home to find something better in the New World.  Where did your fitness journey start and where are you headed?
  22. Today is Thanksgiving.  Write a thank you letter (or a few!) to those you helped you on your fitness journey this year.
  23. Dear Fitness Santa…What do you want for Christmas (or other holiday you celebrate)?
  24. Share your favorite turkey left overs recipe.
  25. How do you handle exercise and clean eating during the holiday season?
  26. Think of a time when you felt like you were failing.  What did you learn from this experience that helped you become a stronger person?
  27. Describe your most memorable meal.
  28. Which 3 exercises would you recommend to a novice to improve their fitness level?
  29. How did you do on your November goals?
  30. What are your goals for December?

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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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