To Test or Not To Test

THAT…. is the question.

I’m going to a roller derby boot camp on November 10.   I’m REALLY freaking excited about it.  It’s my first boot camp and I’ve wanted to go to one since last September.    The beauty of this boot camp is that skaters *not* benchmarked can participate.

Hey!! That’s ME!!

The last boot camp I’d planned on attending (and paid for!!) was in May – and everyone had to be benchmarked to participate.   They even OFFERED benchmarking!!  But with everything that was going on, I didn’t think I’d be ready, and I withdrew.

So this boot camp coming up has both contact and non-contact options.

Last night, at derby, freshies did a pacing line for the first time.  (If you remember, I passed everything but acceleration, derby stance & 25 in 5 in August).   I got a compliment from Mala – she said that I’d improved and gotten much faster.   I *feel* better when I do these things – but MAN it’s been too long since I’ve been in a pacing line…

I feel more confident in my skating.  When we did 25 in 5 last week, I got 24 1/4.  When we did it last night, I got 22 1/2.  This is on a slippery floor.  It makes me wonder… if I was on a good floor, would I get 25 in 5?

So I emailed the boot camp asking if there would be opportunities to test.   My thought process was that if they were TESTING, then I’d sign up for that.  The answer I received was not what I was expecting though.

And I quote:  hmmm….we hadn’t considered that but I could likely arrange it…… as long as it didn’t interfere with the planned classes.  You would likely have to do your 25 in 5 at the end of camp.
We would need an email from your training com (or equivalent) outlining what you are to be tested on in advance.

Let me know what you decide to do and we’ll go from there :)”

Wait.  What?   Back that UP a bit.  They’d make an exception?

Not, I repeat NOT an answer I expected.   What I expected was “yes, we offer testing at X time” or “No, we are not doing testing”  at which point I would either A: test or B: not.

But I have a choice?

SO…. to test or not to test.   There were three things I needed to pass to join the vets.   Three things.

The funny part is, because I didn’t pass skillz testing in August, I booked up my Tuesday nights.    So even if I benchmark in 10 days… I’d still be doing just Sundays.   But then I’d be able to scrimmage and bout and and and…

So.  I really really really don’t know… I will make my mind up in the next couple days… after conversations with many many people…

What it comes down to is… I’m afraid to fail.  I’m afraid to say “yes! I’ll do it!” and then not pass… again…

And I’ll still retest with the league in February.   Along with everyone else.


Any words of advice?

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One Response to To Test or Not To Test

  1. Jenny says:

    I’ll be there too!! I say… If they’re willing to test you, why not? You can do it!!!

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