Tenacious Destroyer of Socks Strikes Again!!!

It’s been a while since I’ve destroyed socks.  Long enough that I branched out in the sock styles I was wearing.  I bought purple socks.  I bought pink striped socks.  I bought red striped socks.

I was getting confident enough in my skating skills that I didn’t need to buy 2 or 3 pairs of the same style because I knew that I would be able to wear them longer than one practice.

And if I did fall?  It was with grace.  It was with style.  It was ON THE GEAR that I bought to protect me!!

Not on my unprotected right calf.

Until today.

Today – last day of sunshine for a bit – we’re at the tennis courts behind the Save-On-Foods and enjoying the breeze and the sun.

I brought my dog with me – figured it would be fun to chase him around – gives him exercise and gives me skate time.  Nope – bad idea.  He gets in my way and I go down.  Apparently my right knee pad wasn’t on correctly and I got a bit of a scrape just above my right knee.

So I tie the dog up while we skate.

I get into a rhythm.  I’m pushing myself – doing my best to increase my endurance, get my cross-overs deeper and stronger, and making sure my arms are swinging (did you know that if your arms swing while you skate you skate faster?  Kinda like running – pump your arms – you’ll run faster) when suddenly the ground jumps up and smacks me in the head.

Seriously.  I hit the ground fairly solidly with my forehead.


Its not super visible – but there was a red mark on my forehead THROUGH the helmet where my forehead hit the ground.

Actually – as I write this – I think it’s mostly faded.     My helmet is scratched, and I’ll check it out to make sure it’s not cracked, but I could FEEL my brain bounce off my skull when I hit.   I have a fairly major headache.   I think I may have a minor concussion.  My friend will be calling me in a couple hours to make sure I’m ok.

What does that have to do with socks?

I fell hard enough on my side that I ripped through my sock again.  I also made that scrape just above my knee slightly larger.


As you can see – I’m going to have an impressive bruise on my knee… AND I’ve managed to destroy another sock.  Dammit.

I’m off to nap now.    My head is pounding and I’d really like for that to go away.

But I’m REALLY grateful for the helmet I was wearing this morning.  I would likely have spent most of my afternoon in the ER had it not.  I hit my head that hard.

Happy Thursday!! 🙂


About sunnyjane

On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness (sunnyjane.wordpress.com) and the other is about my path through widowhood (widowspath.wordpress.com) Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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3 Responses to Tenacious Destroyer of Socks Strikes Again!!!

  1. Bea says:

    Jane, I’m glad it wasn’t anything worse. Thank goodness you wear your protective gear every time you skate. Hope you’re not too achy and your headache is gone.

    • sunnyjane says:

      Bea – I’m left with residual aches and pains – but the headache was mostly gone by the time I went to bed last night 🙂

      And yes – protective gear EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

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