Food of the Gods…

Yes.  Ambrosia.  ZOMG.  Good stuff.  Amazing stuff.  SO yummy.

So here I am at the end of day 1 of my 3 day experiment of eating without wheat.

By the time I was done dinner, I felt full, did not feel the need to eat more or eat junk.  I was satisfied with what I had eaten.

I managed (mostly) to eat nothing that had wheat in it, with the exception of a lick of the cake batter.   Without thinking, I stuck that spoon in my mouth.   Frack.  Ah well.  Can’t completely change in one day.

It’s my son’s 11th birthday party.  We’ve got the usual suspects:

Hot dogs (made with whole wheat flour)
Hot dog buns (white flour)
Cake (white flour)
Chips (no flour but not good for me LOL)
Pop (again, no flour, but not good for me)

I skipped that and went for the zucchini noodles and spaghetti sauce.  It was yummy.  I REALLY enjoyed it.

Then we all went swimming.

After, while they were having cake, I was scarfing down a bowl of ambrosia.  Food of the Gods…. OMG I love it.

The ingredients for ambrosia:

Shredded coconut
Canned mandarin oranges
Canned Pineapple chunks
Canned fruit cocktail
Sour cream

Equal amounts of each of the above, mix and chill for several hours.

Not a single speck of wheat in there.  And it satisfies my sweet tooth.  And its (mostly) good for me.

Food of the Gods.

Tomorrow is day 2.  We’ll see how exciting I can make it.  So far, although it’s taken a bit more work and thought, it’s been fairly easy to eat without wheat.

See ya tomorrow 🙂




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