The old joke goes… “How do you get to Julliard?  Practice, practice, practice… ”

How do I get to pass the skillz test?

Practice, practice, practice…

Had  conversation with an online derby friend who was telling me that they haven’t yet passed the 25 in 5, and their league does not require it because they’re not a WFTDA certified league.   We had the discussion about how my league holds to the standards of WFTDA for safety sake.   We talked about how my league retests our skaters each year and after an extended absence to ensure they ARE up to standard for their safety and the rest of the skaters’ safety.

So while some days I get resentful because *I* feel I could scrimmage and am not allowed, I understand and agree with the rules.   Safety comes first.  Player safety, ref safety it’s important.  This is fun, this is a game, but this is also a full contact sport and people *DO* get hurt.

My first introduction to a league was TCRG and I found their Hall of Pain.

I’m slightly left of centre and seeing that, and how much of a contact sport it was was part of the appeal.  But I don’t want permanent damage, and I do want to be able to play.  Last year, one of our players was hurt in the first bout of the season and missed out on most of that season.  This year, another player was hurt (outside of derby) and has missed out on all the games so far.

So while I wish they’d make an exception, I’m glad they don’t.

I don’t remember who I was talking to last night before the bout or what exactly she said to me, but the message I got (said in much nicer words) was “If you want to play, suck it up and show up at practice.  You’ll get there.”

Bouting is my Julliard.   I’ll get there – I just have to practice, practice, practice…

Image Credit: Cultured Chaos

Just because I love this song so much… enjoy…


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