Day 5 – Refocused

I had hoped to say something about how I took my kids swimming or I climbed 11 sets of stairs, but…

Good things today:

I climbed the 2 flights of stairs to the ICU 3 times.

I chose healthy things for lunch.

My mood was somewhat stable.  At least I wasn’t freaking out on the nurses and doctors.  I’m pretty sure the security staff I saw yesterday were for me.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable evening with my friend and her kids.

I’m currently losing about a pound a day.   I’ve lost 12 lbs since this started.  I’m down to 262lbs and I’m not doing much to cause it.

I was supposed to go swimming with a friend tomorrow – I didn’t confirm so I’m assuming its not happening – if she ends up waiting for me at the pool… My apologies Ginger!!!

I want to put some structure in my life – no matter what – unless there’s an emergency I will be able to get up and spend some time exercising – so I want to put that structure in my life.

Tomorrow – I promise to myself, and all my readers, that I will either go for a (minimum) half hour walk or I will do yoga.  OR I will take my boys swimming.

And I will blog about it tomorrow night.

Focusing on the good is good for me.  My mental state is not stable – but I’m working on it.


About sunnyjane

On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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One Response to Day 5 – Refocused

  1. Sharon K says:

    You are doing well at staying positive. It is not easy when the stressers that affect us are strong. The one thing I am learning to do is to let the judgment or thought come in my mind and envision a leaf, placing the judgment or thought onto the leaf and watch it float away. This is teaching me that I can still be in the present but have control (or gaining the control) over what affects me and what doesn’t.

    WTG on the weight loss and for your determination to use the stairs and to the other activities you are wanting to do. Continue to put yourself first, you are doing awesome!

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