Not a Diet I Endorse

On the other hand, who am I to endorse anything?

But really… the “husband gets extremely sick, almost dies and the recovery is VERY slow” diet is not one that I would suggest to anybody.

But out of what’s been happening in the last 3 weeks… here’s what I do think is a good thing.

Walks.   I’ve been walking a minimum of 20 mins a day.  If I have company who’s smart enough to suggest it, we usually go for a 15-30 min walk as well.  If no company?  Well, I sit a lot :p

Lots of fluid.   I drink more water now than what I did before… mostly because I can get away with having a water bottle in my purse and taking drinks throughout my visit rather than having to step out of the ICU and chugging a lot of water.   Continual hydration is important.

Drink less coffee.  Maybe this won’t work for everyone… because not everyone drinks their coffee like I do (double double please!)  and in the quantities that I do (3-5 cups a day!!)  But for me, going from a double sized coffee first thing plus a cup or two at work and a cup or two when I get home at the end of the day, to…. 2 -16 oz coffees…. has cut my sugar and cream consumption WAY down.

I went looking for my January weight and measurements – I guess I didn’t get them done because I didn’t really want to admit I’d gained a few pounds since December… but I know that at my doctor’s appointment on December 30, I was 273.5lbs… .up 7 lbs.   When I weighed myself at home last weekend – I was 266.  Right exactly where I was in December.

In the end it doesn’t matter as much to me.  What matters is that I can run across a 6 lane street without getting winded.  I can do a brisk 1o minute walk to the hospital.  I can take stairs 2 at a time, consistently.

Last year at our Derby Christmas Party – there was awards given to every team member… something about that team member that was noted and is celebrated – mine was “Tenacious Destroyer of Socks”  (I’ll post the reason why in a later blog.

Next year – I’d like to be known as the “Incredible Shrinking Siren”

This woman posted something with a picture that I totally relate to.   I’m excited to be a part of the same team as her.

I wonder, how much of what I’m going through with my husband, how much of how sick he actually got, would have been forestalled if we had lived what we talked about so much.  If we had lived healthy, active lives, if we had lost the weight we said we were going to.  If we had gotten out there and walked every day with our kids & dog and gone to the pool and gone for bike rides and generally gotten/stayed fit and healthy.

I’ll never know…

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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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One Response to Not a Diet I Endorse

  1. Marcia Stehouwer says:

    But you do know what you can do in the future! This is a shock to everyone’s system and it will take a while to regroup – Keep caring for each other and move forward! All the best!

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