Fit Test – 2 Weeks In.

So to be honest, I haven’t been very consistent in following the challenge.   In fact, I haven’t really done ANYTHING for week 2.

However, back to to it.  Week 3.  I do mine a day late because I don’t want to work out in the evenings and they don’t put up the day’s workout until about 4.30pm.

Ah well.

Yesterday was a fit test, 2 weeks in, to see how we’ve improved.

Let me remind you of the first fit test I did.

My scores for that one:

Squat Jumps:                24
Pushups (on knees):     12
Burpees:                         7
High Knees:                   32
Switch Lunge:               15 (counted each leg)
Tuck Jumps:                   8
Situps:                           11

And today’s fit test:

Squat Jumps:                33
Pushups (on knees):     15
Burpees:                         6
High Knees:                   91
Switch Lunge:               21 (counted each leg)
Tuck Jumps:                   20
Situps:                           17

Significant changes in 2 weeks.   I’m pretty sure I dropped on the burpees because I did my first few with a pushup in the middle before remembering that for this fit test, the pushup is eliminated.

I’m still pretty freaking happy about my results.

Weight is stubborn in falling off, either that or my scale is off significantly.   The battery is low, so I’m going to replace it and do weight and measurement tomorrow morning.

Derby tonight 🙂  I’m excited for that.  Time to get back in the derby game 🙂   In  a couple months, there’s some fresh meat scrimmages planned… I am SO excited for that!!! 😀


About sunnyjane

On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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2 Responses to Fit Test – 2 Weeks In.

  1. sunnyjane says:

    And it occurred to me that next fit test I’m going to have to work harder – I’m not sweating as much as I did on the first fit test… 🙂

    YAY for better health!!! 🙂

  2. shortshoestring says:

    Congratulations on the results. I look at people at the gym doing burpees and all that, and I inwardly shudder. I probably could do them, I just don’t dare. Perhaps that’s next months challenge! Thanks for sharing your journey.

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