Patience is overrated…

There are a few things in my life I’m forced to be patient about.

A job I’m waiting to hear about (really? Can’t you just email me and say… “Yes you are under consideration or NO you’re not qualified”???)

The time it takes to finish a quilt or other craft project.

My children and their antics.

Losing weight

Gaining endurance.

Fitting into the size of clothes I want to wear.

I had an extra $50 burning a hole in my pocket last night.   So I figured, after roller derby, that I’d wander over to Walmart and see if I could get some new workout gear.  My 3 favourite pair of pants are wearing and holey.

Walmart had its usual selection for women over size 18.   Which is to say, very little.   And what WAS there, was butt ugly.

Do the designers of plus sized clothing think that plus sized women don’t want to wear cute clothes while they exercise?   Or in general?

Really.  There was an entire display (plus a couple other racks) of cute matching tops and bottoms and jackets.   Size xs to xl.   (I wear a 2xl or 3xl depending on the cut of the clothes)

In the plus size section, there was one rack of “workout” wear – more like comfort clothes – that was plain black and grey, and made of thick sweat pant material.

That’s another gripe of mine.   Larger women put out more heat.  We don’t NEED thick clothing – we need thin layers, because we’ll get warm faster and stay warm longer.   One of the perks of being plus sized.

So looking at these “specifically designed for working out, scientifically engineered to wick away the sweat” clothes for “regular” sized women, I wonder… WTF are designers thinking?

Some facts about plus sized women (at least THIS plus sized woman):

1. I heat up faster and stay hot longer than a smaller woman.   I need the thinner material.

2. I sweat more.  I NEED that “wick away the sweat” engineered material.   By the time I’ve finished a workout, I’ve sweated enough that my hair is DRENCHED.  I put out a LOT of heat and my body does its best to stay cool.

3. Just because I’m fat doesn’t mean I want to look sloppy.  I want to look cute.  I already have issues with my self-esteem and my confidence.  Sticking me in ugly clothes just makes me less likely to work out.  Oh, and I won’t buy them ugly clothes.  I want cute clothes.

4. There are as many plus sized women in the world as there are ‘regular’ sized women.  Do you know why that is?  Partially because society has gotten larger, but also because DESIGNERS HAVE CHANGED SIZES!!!  The size 10 jeans I wore 12 years ago are now a 14 or 16.  1/2 the women in the world are *plus sized* – designers and stores are missing out on that much more profit.

I, and all the people *I* talk to, see the lovely Marilyn Munroe as being the ultimate in sexxy and womanly.   That’s where I strive to be – not the anorexic model on the right.

But it takes patience for me to get there.   And I’m short on patience.  I wanted to buy cute workout clothes NOW dammit!!

So while my next *goal* is to get to below 250 by my birthday (January 16!!), I’m hoping that goal will tie in with being able to buy cute workout clothes.

And I still haven’t heard about the job.  *sigh*


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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One Response to Patience is overrated…

  1. shortshoestring says:

    I too was kind of frustrated by the lack of work-out clothing – I started my journey at 253 and am now at 226. It does get easier – and I find my best pants are at Value Village. If I see something I like in a smaller size I get it because I know I’m going to fit it someday. I’ve learned however, to make sure there are pockets. I’ve chosen to make do with t-shirts – mostly red, but NOT too big or too tight. I think looseness makes me as unattractive as too tight, and I see myself a lot in the mirrors at the gym! This time of “uncuteness” is very temporary. Wear a fun hat or sunglasses to get through it! And keep on keeping on! We can do this!

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