That costs me WHAT???

So Weight Watchers.

I’ve done WW before.  I like WW.  I’ve been sorta talking about how I’m going to go on WW again.  I avoid it.  Not consciously – just that the books are downstairs and I forgot to bring them up when I was in the craft room and I’ll get them after I’m done doing this but now I gotta go to work and I’ll grab them after work but I have derby so I just want to eat dinner and get changed and omg its bedtime I’ll get them tomorrow, but I woke up late so now I have to rush because I cut my hair short and it requires styling and…what was I doing again?

This morning, on my way out, I grabbed my books.  I grabbed a book to keep track.  I have pens.  I’m good to go.  I’m allowed 28-33 points in my day.

So let the research begin.

What was my morning coffee worth again?  Oh yeah.  2 points.  (must remember to cut back on coffee – those 2 points add up over a day!)

How about breakfast?  oh, that’s only 5 points.  Yay!  I’m doing good – 9 am and I’ve only had 7 of my points.

What about those cookies I threw in my lunch at the last minute?  Ok, not so bad, look them up – they’re a point a piece.  I have 4 (love Dad’s cookies)

I know what is IN my lunch, so I’ll use the max points to get my point value for my very yummy goulash I’m having for lunch.   Oh.  Ouch.  12 points.  Ah well – with my banana – I’m still only up to 21 points for the day.  Still have 7 – 12 points.  I’m doing ok.

Mmmm… there’s chocolate almonds in the office.  Now, I’m not having them today, but I’m curious (since I’ve eaten a few boxes over the last couple weeks)… what are those suckers worth?


That lovely littel box of chocolate almonds, which I will eat without THOUGHT by myself… is worth 10 points.


10. freaking. points.

I know (and it shames me to say this out loud – you know what I mean) that there has been at least one or two days hwere I’ve had 2 of those boxes.


I could exercise my ass off – I’m still never going to lose the weight. If I were to have that box of almonds – I would be OVER my points for the day – even if I were to skate for 2 hours tonight (which I can’t) because I still have to have dinner!!!

The reality check is good.  Chocolate almonds are bad.  No wonder I’m not seeing any real movement on my scale…

Ok, so now that I know what the problem is… time to fix it.


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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2 Responses to That costs me WHAT???

  1. Some things can be really surprising. I was on WW a few years ago and picked up vegetable pot pies from NoFrills. They were something insane like 23 points per serving! I couldn’t even add them up with the little slider because the calories and fat were higher than the slider went. Plus I was only getting 25 points a day.

  2. shortshoestring says:

    I too have had my struggles with chocolate covered almonds. I used to buy them from the bulk section when I did my shopping after work. Now that I do my grocery shopping before work, I don’t seem to have the problem! I hope you can find a way to keep them out of your space. Keep on striving! I admire your gumption – Roller Derby sounds like fun!

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