What to eat…

Clearly I’m not doing a good job making appropriate food choices.  I THINK I am… I mean, I had 2 glasses of milk today… along with 8 cookies.  You know, Dad’s cookies.  Those yummy little packages.

But seriously.  That’s an anomaly.  Normally its chips. And Dr. Pepper.

Not every night.

But the last few nights.   And it used to be a regular thing, but not anymore.

Ok, back to seriousness.  I seriously have to refocus and figure out HOW to eat in such a manner that will facilitate the loss of enough weight to get me into the size I want to be.

Or just be able to be bendy enough to do a proper burpee.

The choices are fairly extensive:

Dukan Diet
South Beach
Grapefruit Diet
Weight Watchers
Body for Life
Jillian Michaels
17 Day Diet
GI Diet
Dr. Phil
Peter Walsh’s “Does this Clutter make my Butt Look Fat?”
The Master Cleanse
Clean Eating

I own a book on, or have read about, each and every one of those diets.

I do like the Jillian Michaels philosophy:

“If it doesn’t grow in the ground or have a mother, don’t eat it”

Seems pretty simple.  But the MAN can make the most AMAZING food out of stuff that grows in the ground and/or has a mother.  And then I have 2 servings and realize I am REALLY full and oh shit, roller derby is in 15 mins.  Not enough time to digest.

I want freedom.  I want simple.  I want weight loss.

What has worked for me in the PAST is Body for Life and Weight Watchers.  Both are great.  And if I wanted to pig out on a Big Mac – I just accepted that I was going to eat the Big Mac and nothing else that day.  (or the next) unless I worked out a LOT.

So.  Must change my eating habits.  And not back to the nightly chips and pop (or even cookies and milk) – because that is NOT a good choice.

But… I don’t want to crash diet either… I want to be healthy.

I think Weight Watchers is going to win for now.  I need some success in that area.  I’m changing shape, losing inches, but not losing a lot of poundage.  Time to adjust that and get into those skinny jeans hanging from my closet door.

About sunnyjane

On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness (sunnyjane.wordpress.com) and the other is about my path through widowhood (widowspath.wordpress.com) Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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One Response to What to eat…

  1. Just wanted to say that a girl on our team is using weight watchers and has lost 52lbs (and counting). She has benchmarked and is now playing. So, you can do it too! We also have a number of people on our team using derbalife and getting great results as well.

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