Practice rocked tonight.

Pacing line, sprints, new skills and endurance.

Practicing with the vets is a different experience than practicing with the freshies.  I’m *expected* to keep up.  I push myself harder.  I make myself go further.

I have an issue with one of my feet though – the ball of my right foot hurts.  From what I can tell its metatarsalgia.   I’m going to get a cushion – and see if that helps next practice.  If not – I’ll have to look into medical treatment, new skates, something.   Its interfering with my skating.  And pissing me off.

Tonight’s successes.

~Learning to skate forward, turn myself around and skate backwards… then turn back to forwards.  Not smooth, but I didn’t fall and I DID turn.   It was getting easier as we practiced – and I think that it’ll click sooner rather than later.  I have space in my house to practice that.

~Crossovers.  They are getting smoother, they are getting stronger, they are getting faster.  Love how my body is getting better at those.

~Endurance.  Not the 25 in 5 – but just keeping skating.  I stop less, I stop for shorter lengths of time, I skate more.

~Balance.  I stayed on my skates.  I stretched standing up.  I bent over and touched my toes and stretched my spine while on my skates.  I felt solid and stable.

Where I need to work:

~Endurance – I need that 25 in 5.  I need to be able to skate for 5 mins straight.  4 mins seems to be my current max.

~Mohawks.  That’s that turn-around stop.   It looks so friggen cool – and I know that when I master that – I’ll be more confident on my skates in ALL skills.

~Ankle/foot/shin strength

~Did I mention endurance?

I’m sure there’s more that was rattling around in my head before I started writing.   I know that there’s more that I need to work on.  And that’s ok.  Tonight was more about my successes than my weaknesses.

Skating on my new wheels was awesome.  But fuck they’re heavy.  Aluminum core.  But awfully pretty 🙂

Another success was getting home from derby and being able to run up my stairs.   Its been a while.

The best success tonight?  Being told by ANOTHER person that it looks like I’m losing weight 😀

Fun derby skating, feeling good about myself and being told I’m looking better.  Tonight is awesome!!


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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