Sea to Sky Sirens Recruitment…

I remember just over a year ago, being in a meeting with about 20 other women, listening to 2 lovely ladies passionately talk about roller derby. 

“I can do this” I thought.

I hemmed and I hawed.  I wavered.  I wondered how in the budget I would get my skates & gear.  I was concerned about my knee.  I was 275lbs and it seemed that everyone else was tiny and super fit.

In the end, I didn’t join.   I had lots of excuses.

“I’m too fat”
“It costs too much”
“I can’t skate as well as Mala”
“I don’t have enough time”

All sorts of excuses.

So I passed.  Kept it in the back of my mind.  Stayed on the facebook group.   Stayed in touch with Mala.  Got the announcement for spring recruitment.

Then my Dad got sick and passed away.  I still managed to show up to a practice, and started with the fresh meat.

Guess what?

I”m still fat.
It still costs the same.
I still can’t skate as well as Mala (a note on that – NO one in our league skates as well as Mala – by reason of she’s been SKATING LONGER THAN WE HAVE!!!)
It still takes up a lot of time.

But they’re all excuses.

I was talking to a potential recruit this morning.  She’s nervous.  She can’t really do crossovers, she’s not steady on her feet, she’s doesn’t feel like she can skate as well as the rest of the team.

Guess what? 

She can’t.   And that’s ok.  That’s fine.  Because fresh meat are not EXPECTED to be able to skate as well as the rest of the team.

I watch Mala skate, and I’m in awe.   She’s poetry in motion on wheels.  I know there’s better skaters than her out there, there always will be – but I get to see her skate.  And I think to myself… I want to be as good as her.

In 3 or 4 years I will be, if I skate most days like she does.

I watch the rest of the team skate and think “I want to be as good as them”

I will be when I’ve been skating for a year.

For anyone who is considering joining… and are NOT already comfortable on skates… you won’t be as good as Mala.  You won’t be as good as the rest of the team.  You won’t be as good as the outgoing fresh meat.   

But you will when you’ve been on skates as long as they have.

If you’re hesitant to come out and try it, please, please, please… remember that everyone starts somewhere, and we all fell on our asses as we learned.  That’s how we learn.   I certainly have learned NOT to stand up when doing crossovers – I will fall on my back.  But we all fall.  And we all get better.

Come out and play!  See what we’re about! 

Sea to Sky Recruitment


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