Its Like a Car Wreck…

You know you shouldn’t look at it.  You know you’re going to feel slightly sick to your stomach.  You know that you’re going to wish for eye bleach.

But you look anyhow.

And you feel slightly ill.  You wish you hadn’t looked.  You can’t unlook or forget what you saw.

I’m talking about the number on the scale.   ESPECIALLY the number on the scale when its *that* time of month.

I know I’m two to three pounds heavier.  I’m bloaty.  I know its never going to be a pretty number.  But I look anyhow.

Its interesting, how every commercial diet and exercise program out there talks about measuring you in how much weight you’ve lost.   Biggest Loser focusses ENTIRELY on weight.   X-Weighted focuses on weight, even though they measure inches as well.

And weight is the worst indicator of how well a fitness and fatloss program is working.

I can lose weight quickly by not eating.  My husband and mother would likely have me committed to a hospital for anorexia, but I would lose weight.   There’s nothing healthy about that.

There’s nothing healthy about any of the weight loss “diets” out there that encourage you to stop eating an entire food group.  Yes, you will lose weight… but you will also not look healthy.

Weight is just such an EASY measurement.   I know the formula.  We ALL know the formula.  3000 calories equals 1lb.  In either direction.

Eat less, move more, lose weight.

But I can’t measure how many calories it would take to lose an inch around my waist.    I don’t know the measure of how many calories I can eat to drop an extra inch off my hips.

So I keep looking at the car wreck.


About sunnyjane

On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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5 Responses to Its Like a Car Wreck…

  1. Conny M says:

    Jane have you tried ..It is a fantastic free website for tracking calories and excersise!

    • sunnyjane says:

      I have used and sparkpeople and I am trying not to focus on the ‘tracking’ and focus more on the ‘doing’, if that makes sense…

  2. Shannon says:

    I’m telling ya honey-the best thing you can do is throw away the scale! It’s demoralizing! I do know what you mean. I really do. I’m going to add a pic on FB from when I actively started my battle to get my weight down-just for you.
    I always feel guilty reading about my friends battles and knowing that they are looking at pics off me now and thinking “you have no idea”. I so do know how hard it is. It took 3 years of serious effort for me to lose 65lbs.
    But-the two biggest things that did it were
    1. Drinking 3 bottles (16 oz bottles) of water every day (yes that meant peeing a LOT)
    2. Walking at least a mile a day.
    I started at 1/2 a mile-worked up to a mile after a month. Then stuck with walking every day until after 3 years I could manage a 10 mile walk at a 12min mile pace once a week.

    You can do this-you’re working so hard. Don’t kill yourself with the demorilization of that damn scale. It’s evil I tell you-evil.

    Pull $5 or $10 a paycheck out for the next few weeks-then go buy a couple workout outfits-whole outfits-that you actually like. Then make a deal with yourself, put those on every day and use ’em. 😉

    [also, this is crazy sounding to some-but if you take a reasonably light hand weight (5 lbs is what I use) and each day-before you leave your bedroom hold it above your head to your right side, and bending at your abs AND knees, drop it to your left side by the floor, then back up. Do that 10 times, then do it again starting above your head to the left 10 times. It helps strengthen your obliques, which are the muscles that help pull the belly in tighter. Way better than “normal sit ups”]

  3. Bela says:

    Dont look at the scale, ignore the weight, workout as hard as you can, eat lean and clean and go by how your body feels.

  4. missscarlett says:

    Everyone already has given you great advice.

    I’d just add: DON’T call yourself a car wreck!!

    It’s the opposite of motivational.

    and speaking of BL…it starts tonight. 🙂

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