Progress not Perfection

Last night at the gym, I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, at a speed of 3.0.

That doesn’t sound like a huge feat… something the average person “should” be able to do, right?

Consider that last week, I struggled with 20 minutes at 2.5.

It is somewhat humbling to announce to the world exactly how out of shape I am.   It occurs to me, that my one time personal trainer is on my facebook friends list, and he *might* be reading this.    When he left here just under a year ago – I bragged with big plans, big changes – and nothing changed.

But I’m now making progress.

In the last 2 weeks, between Derby and a regular schedule of gym time, my squats are deeper, my lunges are more solid, and I can do 30 minutes at 3.0 and I wanted to go FASTER.

The stiffness and soreness in my legs and body is minimal this morning; yesterday I was struggling.

I mentioned a couple posts ago about being gentle on myself.   The worst word in the world is “SHOULD”

I SHOULD be skinnier by now.
I SHOULD weigh less by now.
I SHOULD never have gotten this heavy.
I SHOULD  be better faster stronger.

Should says that I’m not ok.  Should says that I’m not good enough.

I AM getting healthier.
I AM this heavy but working on it – because *I* want to.
I AM better faster stronger than I was last week.

SHOULD is  a word that I won’t use on myself – nor will I buy into other’s use of it.

The only SHOULD that applies:

I SHOULD be the best I possibly can be at this moment.   If that means sitting on the couch because my knee hurts too much to go to the gym, then I am exactly how I should be.  If that means having the energy to do the gym, help someone clean an office and STILL be a wanton wife… then that’s where I should be.

But I AM the best I can be today.   And I AM making progress.  I’ll never be perfect.


About sunnyjane

On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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