Starting to Feel Human again…

It was my day off today. 

The alarm was turned off, no one was going anywhere – kids are still sick, my day off, no need to get up at an specific time.

I was still up at 7.15am.

I thought about it, as I was surfing the web… do I really want to expend any energy today?  There’s a lot of things I “should” do. 

I should exercise.

I should study.

I should work at my part time job.,

I should clean up the back yard.

I should clean up my desk.

I should clean my house.

I should.

I didn’t.

I surfed the web for about 2 hours.  Went upstairs, woke up hubby and I promptly went back to bed.   I lay in bed until about 2pm.   Watched a movie I’ve been trying to watch for a month or so now…. Wished I hadn’t – I did NOT like the ending… dammit…

A friend came over at 2, we spent some time hanging out and I sent my husband out to do errands. 

I almost feel human.  By tomorrow, I think I’ll be completely over this cold.

If not, it will be flushed from me… I’m doing a three day cleanse.   

For 3 days I will be doing a cleanse, drinking nothing but a concoction of lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and water.  The theory is that I will flush out toxins from my system, and when I start eating food again on Monday, I will be starting from a good place.   A friend is doing this with me, she’s big on cleanses. 

The hardest part?  No coffee.   I think I can live without the food, but there will be no coffee… UGH.

So for tonight, we had pizza for dinner, I’ll have a coffee in a bit, and then mentally prepare myself for … the cleanse.  I’ll let you know how it works for me over the weekend.  2 of the 3 days I’ll be at work, and I’m not sure which will be harder, at work, where we talk about food a lot, or at home, where my random snacking happens the most.

But I’m going to make this work for me 🙂


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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One Response to Starting to Feel Human again…

  1. Kimmyfrom NS says:

    I don’t know about cleanses. Most research says that people gain more weight as soon as they eat something. Remember your body will be going into starvation mode when you don’t feed it, so your metabolism will slow down. The classic Yo-Yo- dieting.
    Not to discourage you, but perhaps you’d be better to eat some chicken or fish and vegetables instead of the pizza and not do a starvation ‘cleanse’, but instead eat whole foods, lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, some protein, lots of fibre. That will actually cleanse you better than a pizza one day, nothing the next…
    Keep up though, and I find when I don’t feel well, I do a “sweat run” – any kind of hard aerobic exercise that makes me sweat out any bugs and germs I might have.

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