Biggest Loser Week 3

A gain of 1lb over last week.  Not bad, when you consider the execesses I indulged in over the last weekend.

My husband has been sabotaging me.  Not on purpose and not out of anything other than love and caring and a desire for my company.   Its ok though, because I have been participating fully.

For me, in order to function normally, I require 7-8 hours of sleep.   And since getting to the gym does not pay my bills – I usually sacrifice the gym for an extra 45 mins of sleep if I’ve gotten to bed too late.  It’s a choice.  I get that. 

Wednesday night, after the weigh-in, I had decided that yes, I was going to get up and go to the gym in the morning.  Mother Nature intervened, and woke me at 1am and kept me up until 3am with cramps.   The gym was not happening on Thursday.   Add to Thursday the fact that we had dentist appointments, I was starting a course and my older son had piano lessons.

And then after all that, I gave my husband the choice of sitting in the living room and  watching a movie or going to bed early.  He chose the movie (Repo Men, not a bad movie, I didn’t like the ending) and we settled in for snuggling.  11.30pm we get to bed, still enough time for me to get my requisite amount of sleep.   Then he decided he wanted to talk.   1am before I got to bed.

I suppose he’s not the one actually sabotaging me… Its just happened.   I do have options in terms of exercising in the evening (which I prefer not to do) or eating an appropriate amount to continue the weight loss process.  I always have options. 

But the point of it all – I’m not giving up, even though I’m in a slump and would rather snuggle my sweetie on the couch until too late at night instead of getting up at 5.45am and going to the gym.   

It has also been a week of personal growth, realizations and acknowledging the things *I* want in my life.  I have always been a bit of a chameleon – fitting myself to my friends in order to fit in.  This week has been about finding me… and finding what works for me.

Saturdays are a no gym day for me… gym is open 8-5 and I work 45 mins away from 9-5.   But I will find a way tonight and tomorrow to exercise – I am worth it!


About sunnyjane

On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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3 Responses to Biggest Loser Week 3

  1. Sharon says:

    If I committed to the gym before work, I would be setting myself up to fail. Then again, I refuse to get a gym membership, because I know I won’t go. Instead I just walk out the front door and take a walk, just not often enough.

    Did you tell your husband that you need his help?

    • sunnyjane says:

      He’s actually very good about helping me – but only until I’m having a weak moment… he likes to indulge and spoil me 😉

      I love working out in the morning – I just haven’t found a partner who will commit to getting up that early with me and GO to the gym. I think that I may need to commit to myself – and to heck with anyone else 🙂

  2. Sue says:

    While I like going to the gym, and love walking just for ‘fun’ – errands and things, it’s actually what you eat that makes the most difference in weight loss. There’s a good thread somewhere on the TP forum, about the difference between how much weight you lose from what you eat, or don’t eat, vs working out. Someone summed it up well, by saying that tv shows about people eating healthy wouldn’t attract the audience like all those work-out boot-camp shows do.
    So, you should lose weight by eating healthy, even if you don’t go to the gym (I’m a huge exercise supporter for the added benefits tho’). And, if you don’t like going to the gym alone, then like the other person said, just go out for a walk. Walk fast; if you need a purpose, walk to pick up milk or mail a letter or anything – if you must drive, use the one kilometer rule – park so that you walk one kilometer from your parking spot.

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