It’s not just about the gym…

I love the gym.  I love going to the gym, getting on the machines that are so much nicer than mine.  I love using their weight machines, their bosu balance board, and their free weights.  I love going there, signing in, and then eyeing up the machines as I decide what to use for the workout of the day.  

There’s a ritual, a time for ME and a component of socializing that works on so many levels.

Today I was in an online course.   We finished up around 3.30 and I sorta lazed around, waited for my friend to pick up her kids, chatted with her for a bit then came upstairs for a lovely dinner prepared by my hubby.   I looked at the gym’s website to see what classes were tonight – and if I had the time to get to one of them.  There were two – one at 6.15 and one at 7pm.

Then I looked over at my boys and issued the challenge:

Who thinks they can beat me at Wii Sports?

Immediately I get challenged by two very enthusiastic boys…  and the evening was set.  They get their homework and the dishes done and I will play Wii with them.   This will serve as my cardio for the night.

A side note: We are not really a Nintendo family – we’re a Playstation family.  LOVE our PS2 – sad that its currently is inoperable.  Watching our boys playing, however, was highly amusing.  They are NOT couch potato video game players – they are enthusiastic and energetic.  They have been known, while playing playstation games, to strip down to just their pants because they have worked up such a sweat from their hopping and jumping around.  Wii seemed to be a natural transition – it requires you to move.

I could go to the gym tonight, leave the hubs and the boys to their own devices, do my thing and miss out on their evening.  But its not just about they gym – its about getting healthy so that I can be a participant in my boys’ lives.  So tonight, we’ll see who kicks ass at Wii sports…


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On a journey of fitness, health and healing. One blog focuses primarily on health & fitness ( and the other is about my path through widowhood ( Life is a Journey. I'm learning to enjoy the ride.
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One Response to It’s not just about the gym…

  1. chaya says:

    you have to come on over and try kinect… it will blow your mind 🙂

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